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Staying connected to fellow Tres Dias members during your Fourth Day is essential for continued spiritual growth.   Our experience tells us that the joy you experienced during the Weekend will eventually fade without periodic maintenance.

It is not our intent to pull you away from the Christian congregation you serve. Quite the opposite, we send you home from a Weekend ready to serve.  What we’re saying is; a special bond formed during your Weekend that likely enhanced a personal relationship with our loving God.  It’s best to maintain that special connection with others of the same experience.

We do not feel that it is appropriate to list specific Reunion Group locations and group leader’s contact information on the World-Wide-Web.  We pray that the following alternative method will help you connect.

There are many Reunion Groups in Nashville (Davidson County) and surrounding Counties.  To simplify the process of linking you to a Reunion group, please complete the form below.  If you select Female, your email will be forwarded to the Women’s Reunion Leader of the Secretariat.  Men’s forms are sent to the Men’s Reunion Groups Leader.  Our Group Leaders want to help you connect to a Reunion Group, or at the very least, advise you how to start a new group.  Please complete the form now so that the ‘ball can start rolling’.  You will be blessed beyond imagine for doing so.

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