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Needing an Enclosed Trailer for Mobile Storage

UPDATE — Nov. 15, 2017:

A trailer has been purchased for $3,500. We ask you to please help recoup this cost with a special donation. Thank you to the many people who have helped in the search and already made contributions towards this effort. Your service is very much appreciated.

Music City Tres Dias is seeking to purchase an enclosed 20-foot trailer that can be used to transport supplies to and from Garner campgrounds for weekend retreats. The trailer will be kept on private property between weekends, but your help is needed in purchasing and/or locating one before November 13, 2017.

If you can contribute a special donation for the purchasing of a trailer, please give below.

If you have questions or comments about the trailer, or know of a person we can purchase one from, please contact Nanette Fox.

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