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God has blessed our Community in many ways through the years.  We’d like you to consider joining one of the several positions on the Music City Tres Dias Secretariat.  The Secretariat is the governing body of Music City Tres Dias. This is not a Weekend Team duty.

We all allocate our time appropriately in every landmark of life.  Not every member can contribute in this way.  We only ask that you pray about it, talk to your family and possibly confide with your congregation’s Shepard.  One of the aims of the Cursillo experience is to help us learn and-or identify leadership skills within us.

We also encourage you to think of someone you’ve noticed on the Weekends or in a Reunion group who has impressed upon you a heart to serve.  This process is confidential.

Below are the qualifications for a position on the Secretariat:

  • Maintains a lifestyle commensurate with Biblical leadership.
  • Demonstrates a record of support of the Tres Dias movement.
  • Have served on at least three (3) teams, preferably in different positions.
  • Possess the skills required by to perform the nominated position.

All Secretariat members are committed to perform their duties within a three year term and strive to attend as many Secretariat meetings as possible.

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