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Updating the Email Lists

Over the summer the Newsletter Team met to explore better options for our Tres Dias community for email delivery. It was determined that our community would benefit in several ways by moving away from one service provider to another.

In July we began asking members to voluntarily add themselves to the new MailChimp list, and we hope to have everyone choose to move themselves over before the end of 2017.

Why the Change?

Two immediate benefits of MailChimp are ease of use and cost. It is easy to learn how to draft emails in MailChimp and see how effective emails are in reaching the intended audience.

Secondly, the basic account allows us to send emails for free below a certain volume. The number of subscribers and emails sent to them would have to grow significantly before we reached MailChimp’s limit on free accounts.

We want to deliver email that you are interested in receiving. So we’re asking you to add yourself to the list. We are also striving to tailor the list with “preference groups” and deliver specific emails only to those groups, instead of sending an email to the entire list.

Please make sure you are subscribed, and that you have made selections about what kind of emails you want. Click here to see the MailChimp subscription form.

You do not need a password to subscribe.

What should you do?

  1. Make sure you are subscribed to the new list. We are not adding people manually to the new list. We are asking members of the community to add themselves.
  2. If you are subscribed, you will see emails with the MailChimp logo at the bottom of emails:
  3. If you see emails being delivered to any email address you own (personal or work) that are delivered from Constant Contact then you can safely unsubscribe.
  4. Once you subscribe to MailChimp you should not need to do it again. If you see Constant Contact emails asking you to sign up for the new list, and you know you already have done so, you may safely unsubscribe from Constant Contact emails.
  5. Emails delivered with Constant Contact will have this logo at the bottom of the email:
  6. Check all your email accounts, and your spam folders. Some people have used work email accounts and are now using a personal email address to subscribe to the list. Make sure you unsubscribe from the old Constant Contact list using the right email account. This is your opportunity to use a new email address if you prefer.


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