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Who we are, and our contact email addresses.

Chairman: Tom Morrison – [email protected]

Men’s Leader: Tom Hoek – [email protected]

Women’s Leader: Patti Welker – [email protected]

Secretary: Monica Butler – [email protected]

Spiritual Director: Phil Dillingham – [email protected]

Fourth Day: Dana Forrester – [email protected]

Men’s Reunion Group: Larry Kinney – [email protected]

Women’s Reunion Group: Belinda Holman – [email protected]

Treasurer: Chris Lee – [email protected]

Communications: Tricia Bennett, Jason Weakley – [email protected]

Prayer Requests: Tricia Bennett, Jason Weakley – [email protected]

Supply & Procurement: Jim & Marcia Tidwell – [email protected]

Pre-Weekend: Nanette Fox and Wayne Burch – [email protected]

Weekend: Robert & Kim Matheny – [email protected]

Palanca: Tammy Stanford – [email protected]

Data Management: Dan Midget – [email protected]

New Community Director: Randy Wright – [email protected]

International Tres Dias Representatives: Tom Morrison – [email protected]

Web Site Coordinator: Jason Weakley – [email protected]

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